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  • Every time I manually (with the mouse) resize a dashboard window CRM 2011 (UR13 but believe that it does the same in previous versions) seems to force a reload of all web resources (both html and js), lists, iFrames, etc that are children of the window.  The same behavior occurs in all browsers (IE9, IE10, Firefox) and Outlook as well.  

    A little more detail:

    • It doesn't happen if I resize just a small amount, like a few pixels in either direction.  But any movement of more than say, 25 px causes the reload.
    • It doesn't happen in forms, i.e., the new Account form can be resized and doesn't reload its children.

    This doesn't seem like it should be the correct thing for Dynamics to do as it places unnecessary burden on the database because it has to re-query every time the window size changes.  Does the same happen for everyone?  Or did I somehow set some parameter wrong somewhere?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    Yes this will happen for all versions of CRM and is by design. Charts and other dashboard components need to be re-rendered for any significant changes in size of the browser window.



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