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  • I need help please.

    I have laptop with windows 7 and im trying to back up all of my files and everything that is on it because i will be switching between school accts and my personal accts like G-mail, and social media...etc. and i would hate to have anything happen to my school work or certifacations that i want to save to my laptop for my reseme for future employment is there a external drive that i need to down load or can download to make this an easier process for me? or do i have to buy an expensive package with this feature as im a student and dont have a whole lot of money to be spending?  so any and all help would be greatly apprieciated

    Thank you, Heidi Hoyt-Berg

    Sunday, September 10, 2017 9:57 AM

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  • Hello Heidi,

    If you are going to backup anything then you need somewhere to back it up too. Using the same hard-drive isn't a good idea. So you would need to get an external USB type hard-drive to backup too (one of the small portable drives would be fine). Once you have that then look into the following program, FreeFileSync:  https://www.freefilesync.org

    I use FreeFileSync to backup my important data from my desktop computer to external hard-drives and it works very well. It's a bit of learning curve to learn how to use it, but once done, and you understand it, it all becomes very easy indeed - you can do a backup/sync with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

    If, when using FreeFileSync, you want to back-up, or sync files, from two locations, say, your laptop and your computer account at school, both being backed-up from/to your external drive then you can do that too with FreeFileSync. However, to do that you would have to either:

    a) Get your school to also install FreeFileSync to their own computers (or)
    b) Purchase the portable version of FreeFileSync and use that. If you do that you can easily backup and sync both your laptop and school data onto your external hard-drive. The cost of the portable is very reasonable and you can continue using it for as long as you want.

    It is a little bit of a learning curve but the online documentation is very good and explains things well. Best idea is just to practice first between backing-up/syncing your laptop to the external drive and, once you have that mastered, get the portable version and practice backing-up/syncing from your school's computer to your external drive.

    Good luck with your studies!

    EDIT 1: I should have added that you can practice using FreeFileSync by just downloading the free version and installing it to your system. Then you can test it out by just backing-up/syncing your important data files to your laptop's existing hard-drive - just backup to a different location than the location of the files you want to backup. In this way you can get some experience of using it before you get an external hard-drive.

    EDIT 2: I should also have mentioned that you don't necessarily need an external USB hard-drive. You could use a USB flash-drive (some people call them "pen drives"). However flash-drives have limited life, compared to a hard-drive, so you would have to take that into account - if you use it very often and are writing large amounts of data to it you could end up with corrupted data if you're not mindful of how much writing you do to it. (Personally, I use FreeFileSync and backup all my important data to two external USB hard-drives and a flash-drive - this allows some margin of safety over file corruption. That said, the possibility of corruption is a problem that users can't get away from entirely.)

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    Sunday, September 10, 2017 5:40 PM
  • do you want to make a network backup owr just want to tack back up on external hard drive??
    Thursday, October 26, 2017 6:56 AM