unable to sign in to my hotmail RRS feed

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  • I have a hotmail which I have been using it for around 10 years and I could not sign in currently because of the security problem.

    I had signed in successfully yesterday and I saw just now that Microsoft Account Team noticed me that I have to verify my account because it might be used by other people. 

    However, I could not remember the password of the email that I need to verify. The reason for this is that I had not met this kind of problem since I had created this account. Due to I was 12 years old when this account was created, I had created a lot of accounts at that time and this makes me to be unable to sign in the verified email address.

    I had been told to submit a form and my reply is that my account will be blocked because of insufficient information. I had provided as much information as I can. For example, I had provided the name of the file that created by me and the similar words of subject of those emails that I sent recently. I had tried so hard to remember those things. And, what I had received within 1 hour was that the information was still insufficient. Does it mean that no one is dealing with my case because I can receive a confirmation that it wasn't me within 1 hour or what I have to write must be 100% the same and not just similar?

    I think that not that many people can remember exactly what they had written in their email and the subjects which they had created few weeks ago. I really hope that there is someone there that can help me to verify my account and not just the automatic system.

    I really appreciate the security work in Microsoft and I understand that it is my own fault to create many accounts. However, the email of <redacted>@hotmail.com is the main email address for me.

    Please help me to verify my email address. Please contact me via foonglan1206@hotmail.com if I have to provide much more information. I can provide the information such as what will I receive everyday, what type of information I had sent recently, the file in my outlook, the kind of information that I had put a flag and etc.

    I will very appreciate if I can receive a reply. 

    Thank you.

    Thursday, July 7, 2016 2:56 AM