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  • I am using SharedView 8.0.2729.1 under Vista Enterprise.


    Everything was working smoothly until I went once in the Options and tried to turn off the "Show Preview Window when sharing" that i had turned on a few minutes ago to test. From that moment, everytime I share an application or my desktop, the participants are seeing on their side a grey rectangle (which is exactly the size of the former preview window that I turned off) which is hiding a part of my shared application to their eyes. This grey rectangle (kind of a ghost preview window) does not seem to disappear and i have to try to resize my applications to work around the grey rectangle so that they don't use this part of my screen if I want the participants to see. Note that on my side, i first see a grey preview window (nothing in it except the little magnifying glass on the top right corner) but it disappears when i hove my mouse above it. The mouse acts like an eraser in paint, so i have to "paint/erase" over this window to make it disappear on my side. Unfortnuately it does not work for the participants as they are still seing a big grey box hiding their view, even after it disappeared on my side.


    I tried to uninstall and re-install shared view. Same thing. I uninstalled it again and tried to go in the registry to get rid of all entries still mentionning SharedView. Rebooted. Re-inistalled. Same thing! Of course, my option "Show Preview Window when sharing" is off all the time.


    By the way, when someone else share an application from their end, it just works perfectly. No ghost preview window on any side. It only appears when I share.







    Friday, October 12, 2007 3:12 PM


  • Hello,

    Does this occur when you share any application?  Would you be able to post the contents of your SharedView log file here?  You can find it by going to “Start” -> “Run” -> type “%temp%” (without quotes). The filename should be like sharedview-debug20.txt.  Thanks.

    Friday, October 12, 2007 8:08 PM