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  • I am receiving from many of my colleagues a email pretending that is from MSN, and demanding the foreword it to all contacts in order not stop some of the advantages Hotmail MSN Messenger, MSN Shop and MSN Photo-Album ..
    Really I do not believe such this messages and I trying to convince my colleagues that this message is incorrect, but, unfortunately they did not convinced ..
    I kindly ask you to clarify it, as I search in Hotmail site, but unfortunately I did not find anything to refute these message ..
    The following is the email:

    My MSN
    Welcome To MSN Hotmail - 2009 - Activation

    Why Forwarding This Email ?
    This is due to the fact that too many
    inconsiderate people are taking up all
    the names (ie. making up lots of
    different accounts for just one person)

    Windows Live ID
    Windows Live Guarantee you

    its not Scam !
    Even Those emails have been
    a lot before , this time ,
    we needed it to happen,
    See MSN HOME

    Don't have a Windows Live ID?

    i2nee2006@hotmail.com Get One Now
    And Activate it For 2009

    How To Stay Active?
    All You have to do is to forward this email
    to all Contacts You Have In your address book,
    This Way You Will activate Your Email,
    and You Will Send An Invitation To Others.

    What Happen If I did'nt?
    Nothing ! , Your Email Will Still Working,
    But maybe a little of the Services Will Banned
    By Your Passport ,Such As MSN Messenger,
    MSN Shop , And MSN Photo-Album .

    Change Your MSN Buddy
    From This Msn Buddy mobile icon

    To This !   Msn Messenger icon




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    Sunday, October 25, 2009 4:43 AM

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  • Hi! This is support forum for Windows Live Writer...

    This e-mail is HOAX or SCAM. Please do not respond on this and mark this as SPAM (junk). If you receive this or a similar message, please do not forward it to your friends and colleagues. Forwarding unsolicited chain letters wastes time and bandwidth. Your MSN services will still be same.
    Wednesday, November 4, 2009 9:44 PM