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  • I know some people may argue with me that this is a *server*, but it would be nice to see

    built-in basic support for my audio that doesnt require installing the bloated realtek HD audio driver and all the garbage... 


    Things id like to see, even on the server console..

    Some of these have been previously mentioned in other postings but im doing a summary here..


    1. IE 7 preinstalled... Yes this is a server. but IE is there basically to grab drivers and admin the portal, lets not have to go and download the new version..


    2. Support for my onboard Nvidia NIC... Having to go find the driver, extract them to disk/USB fob... Is annoying at best, even if its just a stripped down driver just to access windows update ..I have a MSI K9N Neo-F with an Nvidia 550 based motherboard.


    3. Word Viewer already installed.. No wordpad isn't enough... Dont see *ANY* reason for an office install on a server, but being able to read documentation on it is a useful thing..


    4. Basic AC97/HD audio support driver for onboard audio.. If nothing else to stop the errors in the device manager (and to stop people from installing a bloated audio driver from third party sources) but can be used at a later point for streaming audio from the server. Also could be used for device errors that need attention.


    5.Software/Hardware Raid... Even with the drives being managed,  I still would like to do something as simple as mirror my disks, on top of the  file duplication being provided by WHS..


    6. Password creation utility for hard passwords, something to assist with creating a password, even if its just a random password generator.


    7.Offer write only access to folders... aka a network dropbox... id like write permission as an option on setting shares


    8. Offer ways to backup the server itself... Network replication, burn to multiple DVDs/CDs,


    9. Backup/Restore a Xbox 360 hard disk on the network, even if the share has to be *locked/encrypted* to protect the content from being tampered Ideally id like to allow a share for the 360 to use on its own, but realize that this might be a more viable short term option.


    10. Allow the WHS to be the stream server/file storage for windows network audio players (Roku Soundbridge or Squeezebox.. I realize this can be done somewhat by using the WHS as a storage device and pointing the software server to it, but this has problems... WHS should be the software server, not another windows client on the network) (such as say a hardware product such as the Irfant ReadyNAS can do)


    Truth be told CTP was a lot easier to deal with and things just seemed to work a lot more than with Beta 2.. Drop in DVD, boot system, select install, enter server name and key and pretty much walk away... 


    As an aside has anyone tried mounting the WHS shares outside of windows? or using the web interface on a non-windows machine to access the file shares on the WHS box..



    Friday, April 20, 2007 11:19 AM

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  • Im with you in the basic driver support issue... I ran into the same issue for my onboard Promise controller I wanted to use as a ide controller and the Sil pci SATA expansion card. Of course no one at MS has heard of Radeon cards yet ... had to install them as well, even though ms has certifed drivers on windows updates,same for the Sil SATA pci card. Aperantly the first generation Audogy card is not the new sound blaster standard these days either. Come on MS get with the Partners and get these very basic and common drivers included in the CAB's
    Friday, April 20, 2007 1:07 PM
  • Starting with the audio driver, why not just disable the hardware? That's what I did. You can disable it in Device Manager quite easily. Or you can disable it on the motherboard.

    A few counter-arguments to your points:

    1. WHS is based on Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server. IE7 is not part of the base install for that OS, so it's not part of the base install for WHS. Also, IE7 requires a separate EULA from the OS.

    4. See above.

    5. If you have hardware support for RAID, you can configure and use a RAID array now. Warning: if you use a RAID array as your system drive, you may find that you can't reinstall/upgrade without loss of data. I think there are some issues around the detection/installation type sequence.

    6. Random passwords are extremely hard for most people to remember. Especially random passwords that meet the criteria for WHS "strong" passwords. It's really better to allow users to choose their own passwords.

    10. See this thread. I can provide some additional assistance if really required, but it should be a no-brainer.

    Mounting a WHS share on a non-Windows OS should be easy. WHS shares are exposed through SMB, so any OS with an SMB client can consume them.
    Friday, April 20, 2007 4:48 PM