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  • So I've been a Gold Xbox live member for a few years now and have really enjoyed my service up til last night.  I was at the xbox home screen for a few minutes on a phone conversation when my tv screen lit up with a message stating I had been suspended from xbox live for 48 hrs.  When I tried to contact XBox live to inquire why, no one could give me a straight answer.  They kept advising me to post on the Forums page.  The only problem with that advise is you can't post on any forum if your suspended.  So my question to your massive multi billion dollar company is this,"how is it you have the power and technology to create, build and manufacture such a great products but can't find one person in your entire company to tell me why my account was suspended?"  I pay my membership fee for a service you are supposed to provide for me yet the only thing you've provided is a headached and advising me to log on through a friends account and post in the forums page.  That is Identity theft and the FACT that your company's customer support advisor (Jose) advised me to do so and my having a friend over to verbaly hear him advise me to do so would be something I feel would be illegal and punishable by law.  Not only was that alarming to hear, no one has yet to answer my question as to what has happened to my account being suspended.  Your company lacks integrity when it comes to the word "SUPPORT".  You should change your customer support page and phone contact name and title it "HEY, DO YOU WANNA THROW AWAY MONEY AND GET NO ANSWERS WHILE WE WASTE YOUR TIME?"  I'm very open about my business and would love to hear back from a 5th,6th,7th etc....expert to tell me again what they can't do for a Gold member.  Here's my direct contact number MICROSOFT XBOX LIVE TEAM  (270)312-7929
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