customeraddress parentid error lookup view RRS feed

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    Does anyone get the same error message?


    1.) Customize the lookupview from customeraddress and add the column "parentid". Open an account or contact and click on customeraddresses. An error will be shown.


    Remove the field from the lookup view and the error is gone !


    2.) Customize the customeraddress form and add "parentid". Publish the customization and add a new customeraddress for example for a contact. Open the recordset. The attribute parentid is only shown as an icon (not the name of the parentid). If you click on the icon an error is shown, cause if you´re on contact, the url is pointing thru /accts/ and not to /conts/


    Anyone who has the same errors? Or does anyone know that there´s a bugfix for that?



    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 9:08 AM