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  • I have a Laptop and a PC. I purchased both from their respective manufactures,Laptop in 2004 and the PC in 06.
    I never knew anything about the Genuineness of my software, i wasn't aware that my PC has a non-genuine Windows and Office pre-installed.
    I worked on both of them with full internet connection every time they are switched on. I started experiencing the difference.
    PC wasn't working good at all and in comparison to that Laptop was better, i still didn't knew about it and when i installed WMP11 it said your windows could not pas the Genuine Validation Test and you are a victim of software counterfeiting. I was shocked that i paid Rs.  6,000 for this.
    Till date my PC was formatted by the Manufacturer's worker 7-9 times or more than that and my Laptop was working best at that time too.
    Then i had to purchase a New Windows XP and now its working since 6 months intact like my Laptop.

    So, if you wanna compromise with our Computer, Internet experience or wanna compromise with your data, security and family safety use PIRATED SOFTWARE but if you want to be safe and want everything work as a charm, always successful and full security please use GENUINE SOFTWARE.

    If you are a victim of Software Counterfeiting, you get a  special discount on purchasing a  New License by Microsoft.


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    Thursday, August 7, 2008 5:06 AM

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  • Hey Karan Kashyap,

    I completely agree with you. A lot of people think that by downloading Windows from sites other than Microsoft, using a copy from a mate or buying an illegal copy is safe - however, the fact is on a lot of occasions it's not!

    When you obtain copies of Microsoft software from external sources, that are not genuine, you run the risk of having a copy that is bundled with viruses, spyware and adware. Everything you do on the computer can be sent back to hackers, including bank details, account information for online sites and any other information done on your computer, including emails!


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    Sunday, August 31, 2008 8:08 AM