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  • I have been trying this out most of the morning and cannot seem to figure out/or it is not possible to do. This will be sort of long but will try to cut to the point.

    A) I have about 200 locations within a 20 mile radius

    B) I have to routinely go to these locations every 2 weeks, so sometimes they do not land in the same area at the same time as new locations are being added.

    C) Ok part I am having trouble doing/what I would like to do is: Lets say I have 12 Locations planned for a day and 2 more get added in and those two have days that happen to overlap with the exsisting plan and are in the same area. I have the excel sheet with address, city, state, zip, and the dates that I am first allowed to show up to a location, and the last day I have to finish the location. It is kind of hard to describe I am only on the trial version and have not figured out the lingo yet.

    Mental Image: Imagine a map with push pins all over it, many push pins will have dates that say "jan 21-22" some will have "jan 22-23" and some with "Jan 20-26", then I guess draw the Olypmic circles based on dates and see when they overlap the most to make the route shorter in an area to accomplish the most effiencey on that day of travel.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am getting slammed on gas prices in my truck right now and minimize the amount of travel I do so I can maybe get some better rest lol.

    Friday, February 22, 2013 6:10 PM

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  • I think I understand what you are trying to do.  

    Maybe I missed it somewhere, too, but there does not seem to be a way to get Streets to give me arrival dates  for a trip.  I plan a lot of long trips that span multiple dates and it is really difficult to make reservations enough in advance.  To get into a lot of places such as campgrounds, theater and event tickets, they must be reserved quite a long time in advance.  This is becoming even more difficult as the Internet makes it so much easier to do it online.

    Folks that travel a lot, like retired boomers, full-timers and workampers, usually travel to experience more than just one venue.  This often makes for a lot of "targets of opportunity" pop up during the trip. These "pop-ups" can change expected arrival dates rather dynamically and whatever reservations are dependent on them. The current "DAY 1,  DAY 2, etc." mode of projecting future locations is really not very helpful for making or changing reservations. It makes one have to manually recalculate every potential stop to convert it into a calendar date/time.

    It has always been a real bother to do this recalculation every time something changes but I did not realize how much less work and more pleasant planning can be if it calculated for me as I work out a trip.

    The Trailer LIfe Campground Navigator program does this and I tried it last year and found that it took me far less time to both plan our multiday trips and to rework reservations to fit out travels to venues with fixed availability (like only open on weekends). It does not do some of the other great stuff that Streets does but I have found myself using it almost exclusively just because it is so much easier to adjust the timing of my future destinations and reservations as our progress changes.  

    For example, it is now February and I am working out our travel plans for this coming summer and fall. Since fuel costs have become such a big issue, staying longer to spread the driving periods over more time helps reduce the monthly impact. Also, working out alternate routes has become more important. 

    Our travels should start sometime after the weather in the northwest US warms enough and end before the northwest gets into winter again.  Nature controls those dates, not me but I still have to make reservations weeks or months in advance.  Being able to break a long trip up into planned modules of travel that can be given a start date/time, shows me when and where I will be on a certain date. Without that ability I have to do the math by hand for every important stopover.

    Sunday, February 24, 2013 3:20 PM