CRM Portal refresh rates for article user view counts RRS feed

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  • Can any give details on how the user view counts are updated with regards to Portal knowledge articles. We are implementing Dynamics 365 v1612 online and want to update our customer with the expected results.

    1. It appears the view count for a specific article updates on the portal and crm server about every 60 minutes, but am unsure if that is a coincident, or if it is on some sort of timer.

    2. I see it also updates the  KnowledgeArticle Views table in real time with a daily view count per KnowledgeArticle. I saw a reference to potentially tracking this per authenticated user, but I'm not sure if that is true. We happen to be implementing the portal for anonymous user access on a public website, thus I want to make sure it still counts each user's view and doesn't ignore them. Of course, this leaves us prone to someone clicking on it continuously to up the counts, but I don't think that is as big of an issue and keeping out ability for anonymous user access.

    3. I also confirmed that the user view counts are only updated via views done inside out portal and not by our authenticated users accessing them via USD or the CRM application. We don't want to count these views, only the views from the anonymous users accessing via the public website. If I'm wrong, please confirm.

    While I was able to find supporting documentation on setting up Knowledge Articles and the portal, plus some developer specific info on creating the KnowledgeArticleView records, I wasn't able to find the above information. Please point me to any resources that might be available on these types of questions.

    Tuesday, April 18, 2017 9:49 PM