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    I have looked around for an answer to the above question, and it seems that learning how to write a script in PowerShell is the simplest way to do the following:

    - I need to install simple software automatically, not silently, on about 60 PCs. Programs like FRAPS, GPUz and STEAM. 

    - Each computer needs to also have specific drivers installed at that moment, usually two drivers (engine and chipset).

    So i want to create a way to have a packaged installer per PC that will run the above with one click. FRAPS etc will install all the way through, STEAM will install and go through the log on process, and the drivers will install automatically, all the way through. These 60 packages will be on a USB stick that I will insert into each separate PC. 

    How do I go about doing this? Where should I start? How do I keep it easy and straightforward? Chocolatey etc programs will not work since these PC are custom built, so there will not be any access to Internet to start off with. Moreover, all the programs and drivers that I need will be on that one USB stick.



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