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    HomeServer should be a SBS reduced to 5 User Usage and without FreeTimeSearch and Public Folder but of corse with SharePoint Services

    License Staff (Windows Vista Home should be able to join) and the price of the Server Software should me not more

    than a Windows Vista Permium, but should include alle CALs and also Outlook for connected Client's

    The Home Server should also have a WebMail Faeture.

    For that i would expect a Service from Microsoft (extra per per Month) as a Secure Proxy in Front (pointing to the Server at home Secured by SSL with Client's Cert's between Proxy and Server) with Web AntiSpy  and Virus Scan before Logon  for Kiosk Login with secure Logout  bottom (e.g. Lotus Domino WebMail) the Server should have a One Time Password function (e.g. SafeWord, RSA, ...) for Logon and a relogon to the HomeServer so that a family could have one Token and than logon to the HomeServer one after thr other. 

    A Secure Remote SSL Proxy for doing Telebanking from a Kiosk PC as addtion to the Servíces would also be fine....

    so all in all i would request a secure Services to use Unsecure Network and PCs to do Secure Transaction and Emailing

    And a HomeServer should not have the need to be patched every day to be secure, even if you do not patch it for a long Time it shoud be secure because of a FrontEnd Secure Service ...

    How much of that is in the current product ?





    Tuesday, February 20, 2007 7:52 PM

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  • These are great ideas, I am moving this to the suggestion thread so it can be discussed further.
    Tuesday, February 20, 2007 8:42 PM