problem with object ownership in win vista.. can any 1 help me RRS feed

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    im using a win vista ultimate

    iam the administrator of this OS

    the problem is . i ave changed permissions to the object drive C:/

     and denied fullcontrol to administrator user i mean myslef unknowingly,

    i ave applied the settings and restarted after some time .

    then i tried to change again but it says access denied even though im the administrator.

    i ave read help topic in help it says tat i can change the settings by selecting drive and checking properties of it in security tab,

    for special permissions i need to click advanced in tat tab,

    further to get access i need to change the ownership of tat object ,in owner tab.

    but wen i click edit it says 'cannot open access control editor' though im on an administrator account,

    at the same window in 'current user box' i says 'Unable to display current owner.'


    plz help meeee

    if iam wrong in any lang or grammer or any thing which u havent understood plz let me kno

    ill b waiting for ur repley

    my E-Mail ID is nihar4all@gmail.com

    Monday, June 9, 2008 11:47 AM