Disaster - Mesh is deleting all of my files - will be uninstalling soon RRS feed

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  • I have reviewed the posts that are on this forum that may be related to this issue.  It appears that Mesh is highly unstable for some folks, and I appear to be one of them.  I'll be uninstalling Mesh very soon so if you want some additional information on my system, please contact me very soon.

    • 2 computers, 'Therm' and 'Kyle' - both XP. 1 vista laptop, 1 XP laptop.  Mesh on all
    • Sharing 3 folders, 'Documents - Pete', 'Documents - Maryellen' and 'AXIOM'
    • All shared folders were originally shared from c:\data\

    The folder AXIOM is where I can clearly pinpoint the problem so we'll talk about it
    • News reports are very erratic.  I do very little work in the folders, but Mesh claims that I have 'Added 6,563 files', 'Updated 72 pictures', 'deleted 1,962 pictures', and 'deleted 6,890 files'.  There were a dozen other reports like this.  All of this was last night while I was at the movies.  Nice trick.  These odd reports have been going on since I installed a week ago, and I foolishly ignored them, assuming them to be Mesh housekeeping.
    • I should have over 9,000 files in the AXIOM folder.  I now have 113.  I believe that I have backups of everything but this eliminates any sense of security. 

    This is easily reproducible, and takes less than 90 seconds. 
    • I just add a file into C:\data\AXIOM\_axiom\New AXIOM Work.  I see a new News report saying that I had added the file.  Within 30 seconds it is gone.  The folder remains, but the file is removed.  There is no News report saying that the file had been removed.
    • Shutting down Mesh and adding the file back is fine - 15 minutes later, it is still there.  90 seconds after launching Mesh (I am assuming that it is doing housekeeping for the first 60 seconds), the file is gone again.
    • When I look at the Mesh 'Live Desktop', it appears that all my data is up there (I think that all of the data is there.  It is a little hard to confirm the presence of 9,000 files on Live Desktop)   However, without the new folder 'New AXIOM Work' and without my new file.
    • I have repeated this numerous times (to eliminate any other rogue software) and it is clearly Mesh.

    If you respond quickly I can provide additional information.  I would like to remove this software as quickly as possible because of the obvious danger.  I can remote desktop, VNC, GoToMyDesktop, etc.  Please contact me at my email address below. You are welcome to post here as well, but I monitor my email much more closely.


    Thursday, October 9, 2008 6:58 PM


  • Hi Pete,

    I have just sent you email as you requested, and I've made our customer support staff here aware of this situation.  We will do all that we can to help you resolve this issue.

    Thursday, October 9, 2008 7:27 PM