Automatic email when case follow-up date is approaching or reached RRS feed

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  • Is there anyway to create a custom rule so that when the system date on the crm system approaches the follow-up date for cases, if either 1 day before the follow-up date, or day off, so that it will email, say the owner of the case. I'm fairly new to CRM so now sure if this is already built in where it will notify someone of the follow-up date, but I think this would be a very good feature, if not already incorporated.
    I've looked into creating a Workflow Rule, but when creating the condition, there is no condition anywhere to check against the system time and something that is ongoing. The Workflow rules seemed to have limited triggering, things like New, Modify or Manual, but nothing that check all the time, as would be needed in my above request.

    Friday, September 21, 2007 8:24 PM


  • Hi Mathew,

    Yes, you can do that with the help of Workflow Manager.


    Create a new workflow rule for Create event of entity Case.

    Insert Condition -> Wait for Timer

    Select following options:

    Wait for "1 day"

    From Radio buttons, select "Before".

    Select the check box "Reevaluate expression when field is updated"

    Select Entity "Case"

    Select appropriate "attribute"

    Than click Ok.


    Now you can insert action item as email or task what ever you requir.


    Your rule is ready. Remember to activate it for testing Smile

    Friday, September 21, 2007 11:50 PM