noticed a conflict with logmein and i've got a functionality question RRS feed

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  • Hiyas,

    I've been using mesh for several months for a variety of things. I think its a great tool and I'm eager to see its continued development.

    First off, I've got mesh installed on several servers that my company manages. I primaraly use mesh to distribute files to the servers (such a huge time saver!). The biggest issue I'm having is a conflict with logmein. I personally don't like logmein, but others here use it and want it on the servers so its there none the less and I can't make it go away. I've noticed that when live mesh installs/updates i get continous "live mesh failed to start" errors. This only happens on Server 03/03 R2/xp. Server 08, Vista, Windows 7, Server 08 R2 don't have this problem... they seem to play nice on those OS's. If I disable logmein and reinstall Mesh, it installs fine, I'm able then to reenable logmein and everything plays nice togeather. I suspect that its due to the remote desktop mirror video driver since remote desktop on both programs function nearly the same and use a mirror driver.

    Lastly, I don't particualarally care to use mesh's remote desktop app. I've got RDP access to all of my servers and I much prefer it over any other remote control method. Can I disable the remote desktop function of mesh and only sync files/folders? Also is there a way to have mesh start and continue to run at the console? (IE I wan't folders to sync if the admin isn't logged onto the server)

    Thanks in advance!

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 6:53 PM


  • Technically, Live Mesh is not currently supported on server SKUs, but that doesn't mean it won't run. :-) However, if there's a problem with it, filing a bug report is pointless, so I can't tell you what to do about the LogMeIn conflict.

    There's no way, that I'm aware of, to disable the remote desktop functionality, though if you don't install the enhancements it won't work well or at all.

    In order for Live Mesh to sync files, you need to log in. You can then log back out and it should continue to sync files, based on various reports in the forums, thought that probably should not happen. The client app requires a login under the Windows login to get started. There is a component of Live Mesh started as a service, but that should not start synchronizing files until you log in and should stop when you log out (though it doesn't).

    Others have asked for this functionality, though.

    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare, Live Mesh, & MS Security Essentials Forums Moderator
    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 7:08 PM