Suggestion - cluster chunk upload for large files. RRS feed

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  • Hi. I tried to search for this @ this forum but couldn't find anything.

    Well, I love mesh and have a suggestion for handling large files (testing currently a 250 MB file and it takes +1h to upload via desktop client (Win))

    Maybe if mesh client could create hashes of ordered "segments" of large files and monitor for changes "per segment" with existing uploaded large files?
    It's not always guaranteed that not a full upload is needed but I believe that this could reduce the upload time and bandwith by merging chunks of pices at client and mesh storage together?

    Also, during upload of large files, restart the upload if the file have changed during the upload (seems not to be that way right now).

    Kind Regards, Robbie 

    Robbie Sohlman
    Wednesday, March 10, 2010 10:42 PM