Multichannel LPCM audio via DLNA and "Play to" versus HDMI multichannel audio RRS feed

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  • I'm mainly interested in LPCM audio (up to 7.1 24bit/96kHz and possibly stereo 24bit/192 kHz) transfer between Win7 and my surround sound system.  I have a nicely working HDMI connection from a Dell Studio 1558 laptop to my Pioneer VSX-9140TXH and the ATI HDMI device on this laptop supports all levels of LPCM hd audio as described here:  http://www.jensign.com/HDMI_Studio1558/

    I want to get this level of performance wirelessly, say using a DLNA rendering device of some sort connected to my receiver. Currently I have an OPPO digital BDP-83 blue-ray player which does DLNA playback (but is not a render so I can't "Play to" it from Win7).  I can only pull content from my Win7 shared library (in WMP) using the blue-ray players navigation and it only supports 16bit/44.1 kHz LPCM.  I definitely want to PUSH "Play to" from Win7. So my questions are:

    (1) What is a good working DLNA rendering solution that will support this level of LPCM audio (up to the level HDMI supports)?

    (2) With a DLNA rendering device, and a Win7 (say the basic Windows Media Player) server, what determines what level of LPCM audio formats can be streamed?



    Saturday, January 29, 2011 4:40 PM