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  •     I purchased a new Dell PowerEdge 1900 Server with (5) 146 GB drives. They came in a RAID 5 from the factory, but my IT guy recommended a RAID 1 on the C drive and mirror to the 2nd drive, and a RAID 5 on the remaining (3) 146GB drives. To do this he had to change the RAID config and re-install the OS (Server 2003 Standard edition). Now that I have a few programs on the C drive I realized that there is only 14GB on the C partion, and the rest of the C drive is useless space. There is no D or E partion on that drive. The RAID 5 is labled as a P drive. 
        Is it possible that this is the way the C drive was formated by Dell, and is it reasonable to think that my IT guy was duped... or did he have to re-format the C drive to install the RAID 1 on that drive, and he screwed up and typed in 14 GB for the desired partion insead of 146 GB which is the size of the drive?
        Now do I risk a HD partition extender utility, or do I insist he re-re-install the OS and the programs on that drive? Any sugestions, and by the way should I insist that he eat the cost of the repair?
    Friday, November 14, 2008 12:21 AM


  • Hello,
    this forum is about Windows Home Server.

    You should ask your question at Dell support or in the Microsoft Windows Server newsgroups.
    Since there are different methods to create partitions (and some of them involve configuration steps in the Bios or with a special Dell CD), nobody here can exactly what went wrong.
    But as you mentioned - could be human error as well.

    Best greetings from Germany
    Friday, November 14, 2008 9:54 AM