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  • I've been following the SQL Server FileTables feature for sometime, as it allows for storage of documents and files as BLObs similar to Filestream, but also allows the storage table to be accessed directly from the file system, rather than through the SQL pipeline.

    My feeling is that data being loaded to the Zentity store could be transfered more quickly, if done using this new feature.  Likewise, changes to the documents, could be done more directly from the related application, and saved back to the store, which would handle the version control.

    The feature that I have more recently began to work with is the Semantic Search feature, that uses full-text indexing of the stored documents.

    Has anyone tested or tried Zentity with...

    • SQL Server 2012?
    • SQL Server FileTables? 
    • SQL Server Semantic Search?


    I'm not using Zentity in its intended fashion, I only became aware of Zentity recently.

    • I've been looking for a robust system or method to store, edit, organize, search, and maintain files on an given system.  My initial focus is on a single user of a single PC, to provide also provide a means of machine to machine transfer for that user.  Later on, planning to enable with sub-user sharing (professional, Personal) as well as multi-user sharing (convention sharing with people or groups of people).
    • I like the idea of the files being stored internal to the database structure, and feel that a single database, improves portability.  I also think that using curent database syncronization techniqes that syncing between system-portable storage, system-system, or system-cloud are all easily done.
    • Having used, the "Windows-To-Go" feature, of Windows 8, where the OS, programs, and data can all be stored on a USB drive. I can quickly see how a user could carry their Opperating System on one USB flash drive.  Store all their files and data on separate flash drive; keeping their "virtual keys" on the same ring as those for their house and car.
    • I've looked at several other methods, of solutions I've seen, all index(er)s is/are separated the content storage.  The result being, a slow process of data transfer, followed by a period of (re-)indexing, for each sync, or by each unique host system.  However, if the index (catalog, metastore, database, ect), was shipped the data, then ther would only be a breif period to verifiy integrity, and possibly update added, modified, or removed content, from the index.


    Sunday, March 25, 2012 11:26 PM

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  • The short answer is 'no,' we have not yet fully investigated the possibility of a Zentity for SQL Server 2012.  

    But you are spot on that there are several new features in SQL Server 2012 that could enhance (or replace!) what Zentity was designed to do.  In fact, we shared our use cases with the SQL team, so I hope that in some small way, we influenced the direction that they took with these new semantic capabilities. 

    We have released the Zentity source code, however, if you are interested in taking a shot at it!  


    Thursday, May 3, 2012 7:13 PM