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  • The most convenient way to scan a large document (say 30" x 60") with an 8.5"  wand scanner is to start at the upper left and scan down approximately 16",  stop scan (memory limits the length) back up 1" and start a new scan to the bottom of the page. Then move 7" to the right and do the same thing -- approximately 10 times in all. Scans are jpegs with sequential numbers.

    (1) Can these 20 images (2x10 grid) be stitched in ICE?

    (2) Must I use a different scanning order?

    (3) Must I use "structured panaorama" mode?

    (4) If the pages were 40" long, could I stitch a 3x10 grid?

    Ken C

    Friday, March 15, 2013 2:15 PM