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  • When I start up home server and try to login on the server after hitting alt-ctrl-del, I keep getting an error message that there is no profile defined so I can not log i on the server and noe of the connectors will conenct.  Yet I can still see the server as a network computer and can access all the folders.

    If I reboot this error message goes away but then sometime later again I can not log in using the admin password from a computer via the conenctor.  Then when I go to the server and tryo log in I get the no profiel defined message.
    Thursday, April 23, 2009 8:33 PM


  • Hi,
    how old is the server?
    Is it self built or OEM hardware?
    Did you install any additional applications on top?
    Can you check the event log for errors and warnings?

    Be also aware, that logging in locally on the server is not a supported use of Windows Home Server. All interaction should be done via the console. But with a damaged profile this will be problematic as well.
    There are two potential reasons, why you get this message:

    1. The user profile could be corrupted, therefore you get the error.
    If this is the case, you could try to reboot the server without logging in, connect from another machine via Windows Explorer or drive mapping to \\server\c$\Documents and Settings using the username server\administrator and the console password and delete or rename the Administrator folder within that folder. (This method is unsupported as well.)
    The other method would be to perform a server reinstall. This will only wipe all stuff on the operating system partition, but leave the data intact.

    2. Your server may have a hardware problem, i.e. faulty memory, causing those side effects.

    Best greetings from Germany
    Friday, April 24, 2009 8:08 AM