Activesync - WM6 - Sprint Mogul - Problem while syncing RRS feed

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  • When the phone is connected to the computer and AS is running (which happens a lot by the way) the phone is almost useless.

    This is the Sprint Mogul with Windows Mobile 6 using AS 4.5.0 build 5096.


    For example, is AS is running and I try to launch a program it takes close to 15 seconds before anything actually launches.


    Worst example, which completely ticks me off... Phone is plugged in to computer, AS happens to run, a phone call comes in. The caller ID dialog is displayed and the phone rings as usual. However, when I click the Answer softkey everything just hangs for 15 - 30 seconds. Of course I miss the call as it won't actually answer the phone.


    Seems AS is give too high a priority on the CPU stack. Can someone please please look into this and give it to development to fix!?!


    Not keeping the phone plugged in is not an acceptible answer. While I'm at work and at my desk the phone is always plugged in so that it will remain charged.


    Thank you.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007 6:44 PM

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  • i think you can prevent active sync from running when your device is plugged in. file--connection settings--remove the check mark next to "allow usb connections." you should still be able to charge via usb and activesync should not be running...well, its still running its just not syncing.

    does the phone still lag if you pull the plug and then try to answer the phone? i havent tried that myself yet. no one has called me while syncing.

    sprint included a wall charger. if all else fails just use that instead of charging through the computer.
    Friday, July 13, 2007 8:45 PM