"OH, Microsoft why do u forsake loyal computer and mobile , yrs', customers?. RRS feed

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  • Attention: "The Political Elite" that blindly drive  Windows Mobile and Microsoft:

    I have made my grievances a time or two and again, I am ready to do it again and I hope everyone reads this!

    I can not believe Microsoft is in the Mobile business or cares to be , assuming they care for the general welfare of their year after year loyal paying customers?; this after so many software problems, severe inconveniences and expenses that I personally have  experienced (others have exclaimed the same grievances I have had)! If It wasn't for the lower price of M.S. then Apple and the live and creatable tiles on a "stand-alone" start screen on the Windows phones and the expandable start screen on the computer , I would have throw-in the towel by now.

    First: It is not right to ur approximately 2 percent of over all loyal customers n America  , that u charge a high price on a mobile device like the lumia 950 and when it won't move , then drop the price to a ridiculous amount compared to the phone's 'so called' relative high quality, comparable  to other high end phones. Boy, if I had paid out the nose , full price , at first and then later, much cheaper, saw it for around a 10 dollars a month installment plan, I would have exploded. This is totally unethical. You guys knew the phone wasn't worth valuing it at that high price at the beginning. Wrong, wrong, wrong! ....So, can u tell me,  just how much is the XL 950  really worth? I know free enterprise is your choice in America, (lets not even get started with the contrast in prices over seas), but, Samsung Is giving away phones that are just as high quality. This maybe why u have so few loyal customers in the US...the rest are to smart to buy in to the game or circus and fancy frills in the START SCREEN.

    Second: I have had 5 Windows phones over the years...because of the great, quick 'syncing of different  information, photos and files between devices...but, look out, the other quys aren't 'gonna' let you ride that horse all by your self , now coming well working phones in this apple and droids r on the way.

    Third; again, as I stated I have had at least 5 windows phones through the past years. I first started, with a HTC sm ph and then did iPhones for awhile , then I  liked the syncing of my large HP touch screen all-n- one with my new Windows phones.  But, I have had 3 windows phones that won't update (waited a year in certain cases); yet I can go back out and can buy the same phones updated to Windows 10. And when I call in for help, the techs and assistances online, phone or in store, just blame each other: Windows and ATT. I'm really mad cause the only large new phone I could get from ur market at a certain time was the XL 640 and oh, ...everyone said it would up grade to "10" "no worries'. They looked at a list and promised me. So,  I took a chance on that cheep phone and , yep, no updates, so my apps stop working....and not gaming apps, but my serious 2 bank apps for one and a few others. We bought the Nokia 1520 , a few bucks 'back when' and oh ya, again , the nice but apparently incorrectly informed employs said , no problem, just give it awhile , it will up date....Well, it wont, but u can buy the phone , much cheaper out there with Windows 10 on it. And again, no bank apps ,,,and no GPS for me on my 2015.  aaaaahhhh!

    Last: I guess this is my fault for being so trusting in Microsoft, but my new Envy all-n -one 27 inch touch screen, oh it was a beauty when new, but, later one virus or soft ware problem after another from the emotional forever announced upcoming Window updates (It is as if these updates took an 'ACT OF Congress!". The young "SALES" employees explaining away the serous problems it started having. They could not wait to work on it In the MS store and leave me without a computer. The computers original cost was,  in dollars the difference to fix it in the long , very tiring  time frame.   I finally quit going to the 'hip" Microsoft Store and found a honest knowledgeable computer repair store. So, he said to me, in this case, when the DVD drive stops working,,then a few months later , the hard drive, (twice crashes), and has to be bought again, then the Mother board has to be replaced; that the updates and viruses that snuck-in were probably the cause (the computer had to be taken to the ms store several times to not really help with the viruses, but erase the hard drive and /or os. Unbelievable! And you know what, the owner at the private comp store has a lot of business in his store; but he didn't have to charge me to send it off and wait about a month ,explained it would take by the MS store (this man had part ordered and fixed in a week). and the price to fix it was so much less expensive. Wow...stick it to your gul able customer,here. 

    So, unfortunately, I can't afford to buy a Mac now, but, it will be a Note or iPhone 7 or 8;i hope very soon, I don't have much of a phone....yep, it will b  a "no problem" (updating software) phone to sync well , now are now involved in a quick transfer from phone.

    Microsoft , you have been a big , big hype, for the little quy and but u at the same time have been a joke and problem for loyal young customers  In many cases n the past ,especially the Mobile project., just like Obama with his uniformed voters. But, I guess you really don't care, I know u have heard all this before; have much bigger clients in tech industries and communication advancements in this big o'l world , plus those 'o

    l gamers'., just one question, why put us all through this mess for the last several years....especially "MOBILE"? How in the ......has it helped (over all) u in "the USA" and why do you express the desire to care. NOTE: U GOT SOME Terrible MARKETING AND ADVERTIZEMENT PERSONAL for the cell phones. So, why did u truly bother? This is the USA,not India or another of ur well selling cheep phone third world countries...Well, This native Texas boy , knows when ur not even worth a 'hand-shake' on a possible trade, anymore. ...So, I will say good luck anyway in the future, why I don't know?,,,but ,I hope I can "afford" to not  be in IT and get off this "Crazy TRAIN!"  PS. make my day this Christmas and send a well benefited reimbursement check for all the money lost and head aches over the years from Microsoft! to maybe to a few hurt "FANS" last , but not necessarily least!...."MERRY CHRISTMAS AND I HOPE U HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH THE ONGOING STORY OF THE SURFACE PHONE"...yep, even for u,,,maybe there will  finally be  light at the end of the tunnel for ur 'cells'..........adam.....Austin, Tx.



    Sunday, December 4, 2016 9:34 AM