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  • Hi, I really would like to see better, more explicit and detailed documentation. There were a lot of problems with people understanding WHSs upgrade option, and the new term for it, "reinstallation" is very confusing, as well as caused a great deal of angst and troubles.


    Also, it would be super if we had more information on how duplication works, what is lost in case of a primary system disk failare, and any other issues of this technology. I understand that the WHS Team felt that as there were not enough significant changes from beta 2 to the CTP version new documentation was not neccasary. However, there are many of us who would have  had many headaches and frustrations warded off if the documentation had been more detailed.


    Specifically, as mentioned before, in regards to the new term for upgrade, "reinstallation". Many were confused by this and only one, extremely short, paragraph was in the "new" documentation we downloaded with CTP version.


    Please consider that while some may not properly read documentation, most of use pour over it trying to learn all we can and gain as much insight into functionality, and the process of managing and working with this new Home Server.


    Thank you,  Seree

    Monday, April 23, 2007 5:00 AM