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  • Hi everyone

    I have to custom entity A and B.

    Now I want to add A's notes section into B's form, and I need to be able to edit A's notes in B's form.

    I use iframe to get A's entity id and object id, and put the link in the iframe to show.

    The note section shows correctly in B's form, and edit existing note record is fine as well.

    However, if I try to add a new note, and error happened. I checked details, found that the entity id is not A's entity id in the iframe, but B's entity id. So it throw an error said "the record with id "XXXXXX" in entity A cannot be found. Is there any ideas?

    Friday, October 3, 2014 3:17 AM

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  • Also encountered this problem. Didn’t try to rectify the issue since it’s obvious that notes are not allowed to travel between forms.

    There are a few solutions you can try:

    1.        Create a role form for entity A. This form will hold only the notes IFRAME. Then add an IFRAME in B’s form       and show this role form edit.aspx page.
    2.        Set the query string option that allow new notes to false and:
      1.       add a text/area just above the A’s notes and use AJAX to add the new note to A.
      2.       Create a plug-in on annotation, identify notes created for A, add an empty note for each new note added by the user.

    The first solutions is the easiest one.

    The second (2.a) requires some development effort

    The third (2.b) is an overkill but you get to show A’s original notes iframe.  


    Dev Blog: Dynamics CRM - Thinking outside the Box

    Saturday, October 4, 2014 11:42 PM