Can this be done? OCSR2 IVR + Speech + SQL RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    First I do not know if posting this here is correct or LCS forum would be better, but I think Speech server is highly integrated with OCS IVR so...

    I need to grow the features given by Microsoft OCS IVR solution like this:

    Person one Calls IVR

    IVR answers, and presents some options, as a result, the user enters some digits (like a ticket number) and the (here starts the custom development) system lookups a table from a database and gives a result (with text-to-Speech) to the user based on user input, like this:

    ivr picks up
    ivr says "enter your ticket number"
    user digits 12345
    ivr says "ok let me check your ticket number"
    (custom development with speech server lookups a database)
    ivr says "the status of your ticket is closed"
    user hangs up

    I hope the example is descriptive

    1) Can this be done ?
    2) Am I correct that I need to use Speech Server and IVR? are they integrable?

    I really appreciate your help

    Friday, September 18, 2009 9:36 PM