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    Hi all,


    following are the searching criterias for effective search on various search engines.


    1] Use " (Search text) " ,for specific topics only.

    for example : to search a name ,John Smith...type the following in search bar with quotes;

    "John Smith"


    2] Use of binary Operator such as ' - ' (minus) and ' + ' (plus)  signs for searching two different text in one search.

    for example: if we want the information about football team in india.

    we can type the following in the search bar;

    " football + team + india " (without quotes)


    3]we can Use points number 1] and 2] at the same time for specific and unspecific search criteria both at the same time.


    4] for searching a perticular content on specific website,please add the website name with '+' sign to the search criteria.



    More search criteria will be Updated soon.


    Please, feel free to add your searching skills to make this forum more effective.



    Vishal Vinchankar

    Wednesday, May 7, 2008 9:10 AM