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    I would like to have the following two options:


    1) I would like a facility to switch an option on that does the following: I want WHS to be able to identify computers that have been switched on, on the network but have not been backed up for X days. i.e. I don't want to be told a computer has not been backed up for 5 days if it has not been switched on for 5 days. I understand the toolkit allows you to change the warning times, but that is not what I am after. Hope you understand the request.


    2) I Would also like the facility on a per computer basis to say how often the machine should be backed up i.e. once a day/week/month not every day, after all I gues most people will just be running the PCs as dumb terminals as all data therotically would be on the server, right? I understand that this would not suit every one which is why I have requested it as an extra option.



    Wednesday, May 28, 2008 1:28 PM


  • I suggest you go to Connect (http://connect.microsoft.com) and add them as suggestions for WHS.


    I cant easily see a way of doing 1) because I would imagine this would need a change to every single supported OS. However, I can certainly see the benefit of 2) and the way I do that at the moment is to do manual backups as and when I want them for those machines I dont want to backup everyday.

    Dont forget though if nothing has changed on that pc there wont be anything to backup so Im not sure of the issue, if indeed there is an issue?




    Sunday, June 1, 2008 10:36 AM