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  • May seem to be a simple question, but here goes.

    You prep you WHS - then run WHSSYSPREP - and then take WIN_Image of the system /i . (using bootable PE stick)

    You initialise said home server unit, add a couple of folders and users  (single HDD in use)

    Then you test the to see if the recovery works

    Using the WHS_Recovery.exe : with switch /i . /c seems to keep the records of the files / users in the console, but completely wipes D: and does not seem to bring back the folders to the C:| shares

    Using the WHS_Recovery.exe : with switch /i . /w does indeed wipe the HDD and puts clean install (ie no users / folders)

    Using the WHS_Recovery.exe : with /i . (no switch) seems to put the previous D:\shares data onto drive named I: (nice) and the files are readable (ir recoverable), but the system is not usable as it needs to be initialised, and this fails (possibly due to the presence of the I: drive)

    So I am a little confused how we would recover the DATA (SHARES) files ?

    Is there is simple process of using a specific switch command, and then re-initialisation process ?

    Saturday, January 17, 2009 1:12 PM

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