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    I am the co-founder of a resource pack for the game “Minecraft”, called “Taunoa”. It is a resource pack based on Minecraft's original assets. Many people like the look of vanilla Minecraft but at some point get bored of the default look but do not want to switch to a resource pack that changes the whole look of the game. Zaliku (the founder) and me, created a resource pack that addresses this problem without going too far like other packs like “Faithful x32” and “R3D.CRAFT”. It features doubled resolution textures with two variants: one with 3D Models (for ladders, rails, etc.) and one without them; plus each one has a variant with bump and specular mapping at 64x an 128x resolutions.

    You can find the resource pack here: https://taunoa-pack.blogspot.ch/p/downloads.html   It had a total of +7500 downloads from our blog.

    We would like to post the resource pack to Minecraft Forums because they ask us some kind of proof we have permission from Mojang to use its assets for Minecraft. So, would you kindly give us permission for using your assets.

     I have read thoughtfully the terms of use and what I understand is we can make mods or modify assets for custom resource packs. But what I don't understand is why minecraftforums.net need some kind of proof from Mojang to post a resource pack

    The following email was sent by a Minecraft Forum Moderator: "

    Modifying or distributing content you did not create requires compliance with the contents license or permission granted by the rights holder. This includes partial use, such as a single texture from a Resource Pack or a section of code from a Modification. If permission has been granted by the rights holder then evidence of the permission must be included in your post, either by providing a link if it is publicly accessible or by providing a screenshot of the message if it is not publicly accessible. By complying with the author's rights to their work we show respect to those who have dedicated their time and energy to create the things we enjoy as well as satisfying applicable laws regarding creative works. This respect ensures that we will benefit from the efforts of creative individuals now and in the future. " //THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART// " This pack contains textures from the game Minecraft, which is copyright Mojang AB. That game's EULA includes a clause prohibiting the redistribution of game assets, including textures. No proof that special permission has been granted by the copyright holder is present in this thread. It is explicitly stated in the Mapping and Modding Section Rules that the use of Mojang's assets without permission is unacceptable. Do not include them in your pack. This includes default textures with a noise overlay added, or any other rote ore mechanical edits. They do not add to the pack, and are therefor not unique works. You have been warned about this before. If you persist on posting this, action will be taken against your account and you may lose positing privileges. This warning has increased your points count by 1. Thank you for your co-operation. If you have any questions regarding this warning or the forum rules please let me know by replying to this message. If you believe this warning has been issued in error or there has been a mistake you can click here to submit an appeal to the forum administrators who will review this warning. To learn more about the Minecraft Forum warning system please visit the Forum Rules.

    So acording to the mapping and moding rules:  

    Do not ask, demand or pressure creators to update content, this includes asking if/when there will be an update, and applies well for downgrades SMP "hack" and "cheat" mods or tools are allowed unless they are designed for griefing Content which is designed to bypass authentication, security or enforcement features (such as the server blacklist) are not allowed Altering existing content and distribution of it is not allowed unless permission is given by the original content creator. This includes Mojang assets, mods, and resource packs. Threads that provide a download must provide a preview (either screenshots, videos, or any other appropriate method) for the content. I.E. mods need either screenshots or videos, resource packs need screenshots Monetary links may only be used for file downloads Do not link to websites that require users to enter private information, such as their cellphone number Video-only threads are not allowed in Mapping and Modding Tutorials Download Links Download links must be located in the thread Download links must be easy to locate Download links to third party websites are acceptable if the third party website is a file sharing service (eg. MediaFire, Dropbox) or the page provides a direct download link Files If a file interfaces with a remote service this must be clearly noted for anyone downloading the file, this includes: Phoning home on install or communicating with a server for automatic updates and version information Sending any information about the user, their environment or the installation to a third party Downloading additional Resources and Files

    ;I have read the whole EULA of Minecraft two or three times and the most I got out is the following: Anyone can modify the assets of the game but not copy and paste the original ones withoud modifying them in your resource pack, but according to this:

    [Source: https://account.mojang.com/terms#commercial ] To help you understand this and just so we are clear, a Unique Design is something that adds enough personal creativity to make the work distinctive and original. You can't just feature the graphics (textures) of Steve's face on a product and call it "Inspired by Minecraft". You also can't just change a few pixels, or colors.

    So by that, what our pack ( https://taunoa-pack.blogspot.com/p/downloads.html/ ) features is 32x32 textures with original textures + noise overlay. But the noise overlay is for keeping the original textures faithful with the game, not for ripping off the assets like http://www.minecraftforum.net thinks. It's our goal to keep the textures as original to minecraft as possible, but when you get close, you can see more detail, not just big old pixels. PLUS, it features 3d models, animated textures, betterfoliage mod texture support (usage modifiability permission is allowed), bump and specular mapping,...

    In our opinion, this is ORIGINAL. R3D.CRAFT and Faithful x32 tried to do it's best to keep minecraft like textures, but even R3D.CRAFT uses the original textures + noise ovelay (on it's default realism pack)


    Iwant to get some kind of proof for beeing able to convince Minecraftforum.net to allow us to post our resource pack.

    This is madness, i know, but I do believe the forum is doing it right but the whole system is misleading since I had to contact Mojant to get to Microsoft and finally, they sent me to this forum... MADNESS

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  • I'd ask over here.





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