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  • I have a dead laptop that has my Genuine XP Professional on it, this computer is not worth taking in to be repaired.  I cannot get the laptop to boot up to remove all software and XP Professional.  I want to install this same copy of XP Professional on my new computer.  Will it work since it is still on the laptop?  Will I be able to register it on the new computer with the product key.  My XP is a copy purchased from Microsoft so it is not specific to Dell or any other computer.

    Thank you for your time!  Linda
    Monday, July 13, 2009 3:42 PM


  • Hello linddab4u2,

    Consumers will encounter two types of licenses for Windows XP, retail and OEM.

    Retail licenses can be Upgrade licenses, where having a previous qualifying installation of Windows allows you to use the less expensive Upgrade license.  In order to use an Upgrade license you must have a previous qualifying Genuine installation of Windows, and such previous license is incorporated into the Upgrade license.

    Retail licenses can also be full licenses that can be installed on a computer with no previous Operating System (OS), or on a computer that does not have an already installed OS that qualifies to be upgraded.  Full retail licenses can be moved from one computer to another, and give you the most flexibility so therefore are the most expensive.

    OEM licenses are valid only on the computer onto which they are first installed and are not permitted to be moved to any other computer.  OEM licenses die when their computer dies.

    If the XP Pro license installed on the laptop is a Full Retail license, you are permitted to move it to a new computer.  Normally you would want to erase the previous installation on the old computer, but since it is no longer functional that will not be necessary.  When you activate the new installation it will "deactivate" the old installation.  For privacy reasons you'll probably want to use a utility to securely erase the hard disk on the laptop before disposing of it.

    To read the XP Pro End User Licensing Agreement (EULA), click Start>Run, type winver and click OK.  In the resulting window, click on the link to read your EULA or Software Licensing Terms.
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    Monday, July 13, 2009 3:55 PM