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  • While attempting a system restore to a clean machine, the restore fails.  Seems like there is a restriction that requires a full restore to go back to the same physical piece of hardware that created it.


    This does nothing for you if you if you need to restore to new hardware after a major hardware failure.  I would also think this  should work with a Virtual PC as well.

    Thursday, June 21, 2007 11:22 AM

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  • If the hardware is changing (other than the disk drive) then you may well not be able to boot afterward anyway, because the HAL will need to change to match the new hardware. This is also true of a virtual PC; restoring from one set of hardware to a VPC will have the same issues.

    The best you'll probably be able to do with any backup solution is to restore data files to a clean OS/applications install.
    Thursday, June 21, 2007 2:37 PM
  • I repartitioned my drive so as to make my 'C' drive smaller and back up the system only. (from 270 gig to 70 gig) and to use the 200 extra gig as unbacked storage.  WHS Restore balked at putting the 40 gig of system files into the new 70 gig partition.  Backup had been saving the 270 gig partition (with only 40 gig of content) and will restore only to the 270 gig configuration.
    Wednesday, July 4, 2007 11:06 AM
  • That's correct. WHS will restore only to a drive that is at least as large as the one that was backed up. I suspect that this is a function of the way WHS backups work (it backs up clusters, not files), but the dev team would need to provide any additional details.
    Wednesday, July 4, 2007 1:50 PM