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  • Hello, I've created a parent-child referential relationship on the incident (case) entity.  For this relationship, I've defined some field mappings between the parent and child entities.  For example, the title from the parent should get automatically copied to the child.

    This mapping works as expected, when I open a case through the UI, select the "Children" left nav item, then select the "Add New Case" button on the ribbon.  When the child case is opened, it gets pre-populated with the parent field values as expected.

    However, I have a scenario, where I'm creating a child case programmatically through a plugin.  I create the most basic incident first, then call service.Associate, to associate the new child with the parent.

    I was expecting that the Associate method would apply the parent property mappings to the child.  However, this did not appear to happen.  So, is there a special process/sequence I should follow, a special parameter I should use, or a particular method I should call, to ensure that parent-child mappings get applied when creating/associating a new child entity through a plugin?

    Thursday, November 21, 2013 12:06 PM

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