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    windows 7 64 bit

    When this error appeared I presumed it, and it's "not genuine" message was a virus.  There were no demands or freezing but I could not update.  Another presumption, but my granddaughter had been on game sites like FOG, her primary school,  BBCi and popgirlTV.

    After some searching I found refs to Lexmark.  I have no Lexmark perifs and the refs had flags.  I deleted them.  I was able to then use update.  MSSE and the free Sophos antivirus found nothing.  But the "not genuine" occasionally reappeared.  So I resorted to regedit and deleted any Lexmark.  So far so good and uninterrupted.

    Lexmark may be innocent.  I have had a similar problem in the past with Citrix who were presumably also "piggy-backed".

    I really do hope this helps people.  If this problem is not a virus it certainly behaves like one.

    Talking about bad behaviour, when my grandchildren go on game sites they are frequently asked to update flash.  I keep Adobe up to date, flash, air et al.  So why does this message appear?  The kids end up downloading Chrome without choice which then takes over and is a b to get rid of.  This is 2 bits of bad behaviour by Google.  I do not want to be a customer of Google because when I use my loyalty card I get a discount on the shopping I want, but when I use Google I get messages from old lady dating sites I do not want.  They abuse information.  This is the third bit of bad behaviour by Google.

    Thank you


    Thursday, March 6, 2014 10:17 PM

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  • Thanks for this report - it may help others!

    I don't suppose that you have any MGADiag report showing the full error status? If so, please post them so we can see. If you ran MGADiag at all, there may be backup folders of the results obtained - please upload them to your SkyDrive/OneDrive (or other favoured fileshare site) and post a link. The backup is usually located in C:\MGADiagOutput. - please post a link to any files you upload.

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    Friday, March 7, 2014 1:10 PM