SyncToy 2.1 Copying files that have already been synchronized RRS feed

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    We have been using SyncToy for a few months to replace normal Windows 7 offline files.  We have a folder pair with a mapped network drive P:\Individual synchronized to local My documents\offline files\Individual - this is a two-way sync.  Our remote users need to establish a VPN connection in order to connect to the P: drive.  Everyone has Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit and SyncToy 2.1 installed.  Folder pairs have settings to exclude hidden files and system files, and it is set to not save overwritten files in the recycle bin. 

    For two of our remote users so far, who have been using SyncToy successfully for a few months, have both today seen their SyncToy unnecessarily copy ALL of their folder contents from the P: drive over to the local drive again, as if all the data changed.  There are entire folders with no changed data, and no folders/file paths have been renamed, so I'm not sure why the data is being re-copied from scratch.

    This is an unacceptable problem as it takes a long time for remote users to synchronize the files at the start (updating files after the initial sync is not what I'm concerned with; that works well).  The fact that SyncToy is synchronizing all the files again from scratch is what worries me - it takes our remote users at least 3 hours to get all their data fully synchronized from scratch, rather than a quick 1-2 minute update when SyncToy is functioning like it should. 

    What is causing SyncToy to synchronize all the files again from scratch?  How to I resolve this issue?

    Any suggestions would be very helpful!  Let me know if you need more information. 
    Wednesday, May 16, 2012 6:30 PM