SyncToy 2.1 does not install unattended on Windows 8.1 32 bits RRS feed

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  • On Windows 8.1 32 bits, I tried to install the three MSI packages for SyncToy 2.1 unattended, with the following .CMD code:

    If %Processor_Architecture% == x86 Set Program_Architecture=x86 If %Processor_Architecture% == AMD64 Set Program_Architecture=x64 Set PathToMSI=P:\MSI-%Program_Architecture%\SyncToySetupPackage_v21 For %%I In ( Synchronization-v2.0-%Program_Architecture%-ENU ProviderServices-v2.0-%Program_Architecture%-ENU SyncToySetup ) Do ( MsiExec.exe /Package "%PathToMSI%-%Program_Architecture%\%%I.msi" /Passive /NoRestart

    "P:" is a removable disk which won't be available after installing.

    Unfortunately, when trying to open SyncToy for the first time, it asks the user for the SyncToySetup.msi package to complete the setup, unless P: is attached to the computer (P: is a removable disk). I don't know why it happens. If I install manually the packages on the order the .CMD tries to install, it installs completely, without asking for the SyncToySetup.msi package.

    I assume maybe MsiExec.exe should receive an extra argument to fully install the SyncToySetup.msi package, as I think it wasn't made to be silently installed (it asks a couple of questions before installing -- "install for all users?" and "I have understand the warning above"). Does anyone knows which argument is needed?

    Saturday, February 27, 2016 7:40 PM