Re-Instal of One Care- Not Taking My ID for Activation- Year 2 RRS feed

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    I am having problems now as well with my re-install of One-Care. When I try to access my subscription it is asking for my Windows ID and when I give it the error says that I do not currently have a subscriptions associated with that ID. I have another one that was given to me when I purchased the program. When I input that one it says that it is an invalid password or username. I have checked this multiple times. This is the second year for my subscription and they took my money without a problem..... any suggestions would be appreciated ............................... anyone.

    so in short
    the ID that was given to me by Future Shop-- is incorrect (double checked the name and password)
    my ID- it is saying that I do not have a subscription (sp?) and this is my second year sub for OneCare

    thanks so much!

    Marg Alexander :-)
    Thursday, February 19, 2009 5:06 AM


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