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  • How do I report a local dealer that I believe has pirated software on my parent's computer?

    I suspect this because they sold my parents a Dell laptop never mentioning it was reconditioned.  They would not take back the computer and said my parents should have asked and known that new Dells only come from Dell. 

    My parents are in their 70's.


    My dad is now getting the message that everyone else is getting.  When he called the dealer, they told him to bring it in.  They called him back and said that he had a virus and before they could install new software, he would have to pay $230.00 to have them remove the virus.

    He said he was not going to pay them and went to pick up the computer.  Now the computer will not boot at all and has a fatal error like it has crashed.

    I told him to go back tell them he was demanding an original disk.  I am afraid they wiped his hard disk clean so that the pirated software could not be detected.  Also, he had all his financial info on the computer including account numbers.  I am terrified!

    This company has several locations throughout the Myrtle Beach area and uses two different storefront names.  They have been investigated by the city of Surfside Beach for fraud and have a long list of the same types of complaints with the BBB.


    Friday, July 7, 2006 8:19 PM


  • Sam:


    A few ways to do this. I would suggest first filing a report at www.howtotell.com (on the sidebar, you can find the location to report piracy) so we can further investigate with our legal department.


    I also suggest filing a counterfeit report (go to www.microsoft.com/genuine, click "See all options" and you can do so there). If the counterfeit is of high quality, then you should receive a free copy of genuine Windows XP directly from us, as well as report that company.


    -phil liu

    Friday, July 7, 2006 8:34 PM