Please add a "link" or "share" button to replies / answers for easier referencing and linking. RRS feed

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  • Currently, the only ways to link to a specific reply or answer are:

    1. Hunt through the poster's activity page and look for the link to the post in question, or
    2. Inspect the post's HTML, extract the ID from the enclosing <li> tag, then manually construct the URL by adding it as an anchor to the top level URL.

    Example: was constructed using method 2. See that link for a discussion related to this topic.

    These both stink. A forum, especially one as full of information and as frequently cited as this one, really ought to have an easier way to link to specific replies.

    Please add a "link" or "share" button (or something similar) that generates a URL that links directly to the post. Perhaps it could go down next to the action links (reply, quote, etc) or over near the vote button.

    If one exists, I apologize but I have not been able to find it (and at least one moderator - the one who replied in the example link I just posted - is also unaware of it). This forum has been around long enough that I'm a bit surprised it does not have this yet.



    Sunday, March 1, 2015 1:07 AM