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  • Hello everyone,

    Can someone confirm this scenario in Project Server 2010 (post SP1 and single antry mode activated)

    1. a PM has set a rule to automatically validate and publish any task updates from any resources ("PWA / Approval Center / Manage rules")
    2. the PM creates a project, a task, assigns one resource, saves and publishes the project
    3. Case 1: the resource books time in PWA (let's say in "My tasks" view) -> the rule works fine and the time is automatically updated in the project.
    4. Case 2: someone (the PM or another resource) acts as a delegate and books time instead of the resource -> the rule does not work anymore and the PM sees "You have 1 task update from resources" in PWA.
    5. Extension to case 2: the initial resource comes back from vacation and books time once again -> this re-activates the rule of the PM and the previous task update that was awaiting has disappeared

    Do you find the same results as I do? Is this a bug?

    Thank you in advance.


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  • Did I forgot to say "please" ?  ^_^
    Saturday, March 24, 2012 4:14 PM
  • Actually I did Case #2 and it worked fine inregards to the rule processing and approving the hours.

    My Delegate is an admin in PWA and the resource [person working on behalf of] is the owner and resource for the task on the project.


    Saturday, March 24, 2012 5:53 PM
  • Thank you for your test, REJ.

    Could you please try the same test but with a "normal" resource, I mean not the status manager of the task?

    Saturday, March 24, 2012 7:52 PM
  • Nobody has 5 minutes to reproduce my scenario?

    It would really help to understand why it does not work by me...

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012 6:11 AM
  • Despite my further tests, I did not manage to have it work.

    Could someone help me?

    Monday, April 2, 2012 10:11 PM
  • Hello SoA,

    I can reproduce case 1, 2 and the extension to case 2 with Project Server 2010 DEC 2011 CU (14.0.6114.5000), Single Entry Mode.

    Case 2 is something which gives some issues at one of our customers. That's also the reason I noticed this thread. I'm now in the process of investigating if this is a bug and how we can workaround this behavior with delegates.

    Did you already made some progress?

    Monday, April 23, 2012 9:55 PM
  • Finally! I felt a little bit alone on this topic :(

    Thank you for your tests and for confirming my assumptions.

    For me, it's clearly a bug.

    The only workaround I found for the moment is the extension to case 2: wait that a "normal" resource book time so that the rule is reloaded and works again...

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012 6:04 AM
  • We are a bit further in the analysis. It looks like that the rule has a property called rule_is_excl_delegatee.

    This is a property of type boolean which has a default value of true. Does anybody know what this property is for? The name suggests it has something to do with delegation :)

    It maybe looks like they forgot this property in the interface of the RulesAddMod.aspx page. 

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    Tuesday, April 24, 2012 9:57 AM
  • Hello Dennis and well done for the property discovery.

    As I am not a technical, can you please detail the way I can modify the aspx page so that I can reproduce your assumption by my side?

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012 8:49 PM
  • Hello SoA,

    We did not modify the aspx page. We discovered the property when we did analysis of the table of the rules in project server 2010 published database. 

    Btw, next week we are starting the process of reporting this case to Microsoft. I will keep you informed if I will get a workaround for this issue via this thread :)

    Saturday, April 28, 2012 11:34 AM
  • Hello SoA,

    Just to inform you. I have submitted the case to Microsoft and they identified the bug. We are now in the process of fixing it.

    When I know when it will be fixed I will give you another update (in which cumulative update they gonna release it for example)

    - Dennis | Netherlands | Blog | Twitter

    Sunday, May 20, 2012 10:24 AM
  • Thank you for the information, Dennis.
    Sunday, May 20, 2012 11:57 PM
  • Hello SoA,

    It now actually has been fixed in the August 2012 CU:

    - Dennis | Netherlands | Blog | Twitter

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012 10:19 PM