CRM 2013 - Adding an attachment to an Email via Mail Merge Campaign Activity RRS feed

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  • I have recently been demoing the new version of CRM to a potential customer, who is particularily interested in the Campaign module. They have a need to go to a number of suppliers and ask for a quote, with a uniform list of products. This would be perfect for an Email via Mail Merge Campaign Activity (so the message is personalised for each) with the same spreadsheet attached to each. However I have noticed a difference between how CRM 2013 and CRM 2011 handles these types of activities. In CRM 2011, you would follow this chain of events.

    1.        Create a new Campaign Activity in the Campaign
    2.        Set the Channel to “Email via Mail Merge”
    3.        Select the Marketing list
    4.        Distribute the Campaign activity, selecting the template or electing to create a new template
    5.        If the latter, Word would load, allowing you to create an email, including merge fields from CRM.
    6.        When finalised, a screen would pop up allowing you to elect whether to create Activities for each merged email, and at that point you could add an attachment to each of the emails also.
    7.        At this point the emails would send.

    It now appears that in CRM 2013, Step 6 does not occur. It instead sends the emails straight away, without giving the opportunity to select an attachment. Is this a behaviour which can be changed? This feature is crucial for my potential customer so I would like to verify whether this is possible.



    Wednesday, November 6, 2013 3:31 AM

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  • We are experiencing the same problem. Step 6 in Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2011, where one could select attachments to be included in the mail merge, is not available in Microsoft Dynamics 2013. This is a vital part and to this point have we not been able to find a solution. 

    It is not even possible to go back to Microsoft Dynamics 2011 where this feature was included and worked without any problems. 

    We would very much appreciate an update on this. 

    Best Regards, 


    Friday, November 22, 2013 9:33 AM