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  • I'm reviewing the ready-to-use business processes that Microsoft has made available for download, and am having a very difficult time understanding how some of them are expected to work.  It appears to me that some of them assume that the business processes will be translated over a one-to-many relationship - from one parent entity to multiple child entities.  I do not think this is supported, but wanted to ask the community if I might be missing something.

    Take, for example, the Email Sales Campaign business process. 

    The process traverses the following entities:

    • Campaign
    • Email
    • Campaign Response
    • Lead
    • Opportunity

    So, in other words, you start a campaign with this process.  From there, you create an email.  Presumably, in a campaign, you are going to create a number of outbound emails that generate a number of campaign responses, each of which may or may not result in a lead and then an opportunity.

    But my understanding of a business process is that a campaign can result in one (and only one) email that is a part of the same business process.  If that is correct, then this business process would use only a single email, with one response, one lead and one opportunity - which seems like overkill for a campaign.

    Have I missed something?  Is there a way that a single business process can "fork out" to multiple child records?  I could not find this in any of the documentation and could not see a way to do it myself.

    Kind regards,

    Geoff Ables
    C5 Insight

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 7:50 PM