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  • I have a display that displays information entered at another PC that is a fairly basic form. It is displayed inside of a web browser (IE) in full screen mode. I seem to have some issues with it not refreshing sometimes, and when this issue happens I need to remote into the PC as it is high on a wall and no mouse or keyboard at available.

    My question is, is it possible to set something like a task scheduler or something to send an F5 keystroke to this PC on some sort of schedule? Not only is it displaying a blank page an issue, but it may be hours before someone reports the issue which will result in issues the monitor is meant to prevent.

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  • Hi,

    yes it is possible to script a refresh.

    Options (to name a few):

    • Code it in the website (Java Script and a timer)
    • Open the website via powershell comobject of IE, then do an infinite loop refreshing every odd minute
    • Schedule AutoIT script to send F5

    I'd go with option 1) of feasible and option 2) if 1) doesn't work out.


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