I tried to upgrade to MS Money Sunset, but it is US only. It backed up my file, I went back to 2005 version but now I cannot read the file RRS feed

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  • My computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium (2009) - I know I need to upgrade. I have been putting it off because I rely on MS Money!  I am in the UK

    I have been running MS Money 2004 for years.

    Today Windows updated itself (I have turned off automatic updates so I'm not sure what happened here!) It then wanted to restart, so I exited what I was doing and restarted.  MS Money would not start - it just hung. So I tried to fix it. Oh dear. I've made it worse!

    I found a link for the sunset version and downloaded it.  The download gave me two choices of language, English or randomly, Japanese. I selected English and downloaded. I didn't realise that the sunset version is only for the US - It did not mention this on the page.  The program took a backup of my file (I stupidly relied on the program taking the copy instead of copying the file myself Doh!). The program then ran a conversion before deciding to tell me that it was the wrong version and couldn't open my file.  I uninstalled and reinstalled my 2004 version. It would not open the file.  It would not restore the backup.

    I tried to find the 2005 UK version but all links I found were broken.  I have now managed to load a 2005 version but it can't read the file that sunset saved, or the backup.

    I tried running a Repair on the file.  It carried out the process and declared the repair a success.  When I tried to open the file, it still couldn't read it.

    Am I screwed?  Is there anything I can do? Please don't tell me that I should have backed up the file myself.  I know that! Any suggestions will be gratefully received

    Thursday, January 10, 2019 11:05 PM

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  • This scare motivated you. What if your hard drive had failed? For some reason, nobody ever posts to ask what would be a good backup policy for a Money 2005 user.

    The second (sticky) post on this forum should have a link to an install file for Money 2005 UK. Use that to install Money 2005 UK.

    There is probably good news for you. The *.m12 or *.m14 file on your disk was created by Money Plus as it tried to convert. (maybe copy that to a USB flash drive while you are thinking about it.)  The file (whichever) is a copy of your *.mny file as it existed before the conversion attempt. Thus just copy the file to maybe Leigh.mny and open that file with your good install of Money 2005 UK.

    Friday, January 11, 2019 12:26 AM
  • Thank-you so much for your help.

    (I run disk mirroring to safeguard against hard drive failure, but of course that is no help in the case of a software problem like this)

    I have both *.m12 and *m14 files. I did what you suggested but MSMoney still could not open the file. I persevered and found a thread on the forum with a similar problem - i.e. cannot open the file.  There was a response from DominicP on that thread saying:

    Did you reinstall from an installation disk or from the QFE2 file at http://moneymvps.org/downloads/files/2005/Money2005-UK-QFE2.exe ?
    Your Money version should be 

    I checked my MSMoney 2005 version and it was

    I managed to download the version above and tried opening the file - YAY It worked!! So, I am back up and running (with full backup procedures in place).  Thank-you very much gentlemen.  I am very grateful for the help.

    Friday, January 11, 2019 11:36 AM
  • I am glad it is working, and you have gotten inspired to do backups without actually losing your data. Maybe use a mix of media including some off-site or cloud storage also. You want multiple vintages of backup. If corruption happens, and you back up, make sure you are not overwriting your only vintage of backup with a backup of corruption.

    I had  thought my second paragraph would get you to the right version installed.

    Friday, January 11, 2019 1:30 PM