Dynamins CRM Online capture the Longitude and Latitude details so I can get the Geolocation RRS feed

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    I work with MS Dynamics CRM, I have received the below article from MS regarding Bing Map Setup to Capture Longitude and Latitude details, since I and not a Developed my Understanding on this is very Minimum. I have already Registered with Bing Map and obtained a Basic, Dev/Test Key

    Address and Location Capture in Dynamics CRM with Bing Maps



    What I really want is in CRM there is a Bing Map so when we insert the Address details it will show the location on the Out of the box Bing Map.

    However, there is two other fields in CRM which is called Longitude and Latitude, these two fields does not get information from the Bing Map, for it to work there should be some sort of an API to connect the Bing Map and the 2 fields.


    From the above link MS has recommended to me, or any other way, how do I get this to work, solution, is there a free Solution recommended by MS which I can download, Details Steps would be appreciated.

    My Ultimate Objective is the capture the Longitude and Latitude details so I can get the Geolocation, and this details could be used in a Website


    J S

    Saturday, October 8, 2016 8:11 AM

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  • Hi,

    Once you have Bing map enabled Settings > Administration > System Settings > Enable Bing Maps here , you will able to view bin map on contact,lead, account entity . once address is entered system will store Address1_Latitude,Address1_Longitude .This fields are not displayed in advance find so you have to verify using sql. Sample query:

    select top 10 Address1_Latitude,Address1_Longitude,* 
    from Account
    where Address1_Latitude is not null

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016 6:46 PM