Question on Generic SQL Error with calling a web service RRS feed

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  • In a post operation update on the Incident Entity, I call a WCF Service that queries back at CRM to do create some records of another entity with the results from the LINQ query. 

    I pass the Guid of the incident to the WCF Service that is used  for part of the "where" clause.

    When I call the WCF Service from a test client or form in the same project I can successfully execute the service method.  When I call the same method from the plugin with the same guid,

    I receive a Generic SQL Error message.  However, as soon as I make the plugin Asynchrous the service method works fine. 

    Is there something in the context of the post operation event that is causing SQL to lock up ?  If I take that guid and hard code it in the service function and then call the service from within the plugin it will work as well.

    So an exception occurs when I pass the guid from the plugin but if I hardcode the guid in the Service it works fine. 

    Any suggestions what causes this for a synchronous post operation but not asynchronous ?  I have not run profiler but am guessing something is locking up ?


    Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:04 AM


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