Why Bill Gates makes people in villages suffer of softless education??? Have a solution for kids in villages??? RRS feed

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    In our country, mr. Bill Gates convinced the LAW to insert in our legislation the Copyright law... That is a good thing... Ower with the piratery and braking intelectual goods, , but...  with this law the schools in villages are made without acces on WINDOWS operating system, wich is the base at the informatic course. Yes, linux is an solution, but all didactic programs are used there are .exe structures and aren't accesabile in Linux OS. Schools in our countrys have week equipment. Our computers can worc only with windows 95 /98, and a license of this operating system for an computer is from 55>80$...  An other problem is te license of Microsoft Office 97 wich is alsow a part of teaching program ... Sad

    I would like to ask mr. Bill Gates in person, he is the one who prettends to be the kindest ma, well... what about offering to schools FREE licenses of Microsoft Windows wersions???


    Prices of Microsoft windows 98





    Thursday, April 19, 2007 4:13 PM