Problem with Service calendar timely updation on resource change RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We are using CRM 2011 onpremises and facing a problem with Sevice calendar timely updation.Consider the scenario below.

    Step 1 > Go to Service Calendar in CRM Service tab.
    Step 2 > Now click the button "Service Activity".
    step 3 > Cliking the "Service Activity" button will openup a page for creating service activity, add service name activity name and resource name in to and press the "Save & Close" button.
    step 4 > After the Service activity page closes,on "Service Calendar" page click the refresh button on the resource name pane.
    step 5 > Clicking the refresh button will show the Activiy with the occupied time as you have done in "Service Activity" page. This shows that "this" resource is busy for this activity for this specified interwal.
    step 6 > Now double click on the service activity name on the calendar which again open the page "Service Activity" page in Edit mode with the values filled it has automatically.
    step 7 > Now remove old resource and addup a new resource for this activity and then click "Save & Close".
    Step 8 > Now Refresh the Service calendar page as you did previously. 

    It should show the service activity for the updated resource only. But it shows the activity scheduled for both the resources. It Seems that its not bening updated. Although we are refreshing the service calendar saveral time its showing Service activity for both the resources.

    This is same behaviour for fresh installation of the CRM 2011 online. Which indicates that this is not because of our plugin or customization in CRM 2011.
    There are some cases on which Service calendar is updating timely(as soon as we refresh it), but in most cases it takes radmoly more time to update.
    Is this the expected behaviour of service calendar? Can any one please help us on this, as this problem is driving us crazy for long time.
    Monday, November 11, 2013 1:59 PM